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JULY 1969

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the goals of Berry's Adult Foster Care?
    To provided the highest quality of care for all consumers admitted to Berry's Adult Foster Care Homes Inc. and One on One Respite Care Facility.

  • What are the objectives of Berry's Adult Foster Care?
    The major objectives of Berry's AFC Home Inc., are to: A) Provide a safe, clean living environment for the all consumers in our care. B) Enhance and/or assist each consumer in maintaining their highest level of physical, mental and independent functioning. C) Help promote and/or maintain good personal hygiene and grooming skills for each consumer in our care. D) Encourage and facilitate opportunities for each capable consumer to participation in local community activities.

  • How many consumers can your home maintain?
    Berry's Adult Foster Care Home Inc., is a specialized 11 bed wheelchair accessible state of michigan licensed adult foster care facility for adults ages 30 and older who are: mentally challenged, physically handicapped, medically fragile, traumatic brain injury survivors, elderly and the terminally ill.

  • How does Berry's provide advanced medical and physical rehabilitation services?
    Berry's has cultivated over 40 plus years of quality and contunity of care services, we address the mind, body and soul through a solid working relationship with the various home health agencies, mental health specialists, advanced non facility based medical and physical neuro-rehabilitation providers, medical case managers, and clergy that specialize in traumatic brain injury aftercare within a home -like environment.

  • How far are you from the closest medical center?
    We are located approximately 5 minutes from the Detroit Medical Center.

  • What makes Berry's Adult Foster Care Home unique?
    The vision was to open a community facility that would meet the needs of the mentally challenged, developmentally disabled, physically handicapped, traumatically brain injured and the elderly. Our success as an organization exists because of the trust of our consumer's guardians, placement agencies, family members, and consumers have in choosing us based on our dedication to service for over 40 years. We care!

    Berry's Adult Foster Care Home INC.
    3640 Mcdougall
    Detroit, Michigan 48207
    Phone: (313) 579-1881