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JULY 1969

The Mission 


Berry's Adult Foster Care Home is committed to improving the quality of life for the individual needs of our specific consumer population.Berry's provides residential settings for community reentry, fostering independence, and availing applicable resources throughout Wayne County to enable the highest level of productive life possible for the mentally challenged/medically fragile, aged, physically handicapped, traumatic brain injury survivors and Alzheimer/Dementia consumer through hands on assistance, education, socialization and advocacy in a safe, clean and therapeutic community living environment. Our certified direct care staff/certified nursing aides have received intensive training approved by the State of Michigan to service our specific consumer population which includes the traumatic brain injured survivor. Berry's Adult Foster Care Home is an Former Associate member of Michigan Brain Injury Provider Council. The owner has achieved certification as a Certified Brain Injury Specialist from the Brain Injury Association of America Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialist.


Each consumer will receive a continuous program of care, which includes consistent implementation of an individualized plan of service with specified therapies and/or interventions, activities, health services, and related services, in a homelike environment. The person centered planning process is utilized. This ensures the attainment or maintenance by the consumer of the highest practicable level of physical and mental well-being. Berry's Adult Foster Care Homes Inc. supports the improvement of the consumers opportunity to accomplish independent functioning in life while receiving services in a safe, sanitary, and humane environment where they are treated with dignity and respect, free from abuse and neglect. 


Berry's Adult Foster Care Home is the premier Adult Foster Care Facility in Wayne County. We are licensed by the State of Michigan and contracted with Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority. Meeting all of the conditions imposed by the State of Michigan and Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority which has rendered a full compliance status with the mandatory standards for 50 years.  Offering the highest quality personal care services, home -like comforts, meals are prepared according to dietary needs and trained direct care staff members/certified nursing aides are on site 24 hours a day.

    Berry's Adult Foster Care Home INC.
    3640 Mcdougall
    Detroit, Michigan 48207
    Phone: (313) 579-1881